Improving Sequential Determinantal Point Processes for Supervised Video Summarization

Authors: Ali Borji, Chengtao Li, Tianbao Yang, Boqing Gong

This paper is in the vein of supervised video summarization using sequential determinantal point processes (SeqDPPs), which models diversity by a probabilistic distribution. We improve this model in two folds. In terms of learning, we propose a large-margin algorithm to address the exposure bias problem in SeqDPP. In terms of modeling, we design a new probabilistic distribution such that, when it is integrated into SeqDPP, the resulting model accepts user input about the expected length of the summary. Moreover, we also significantly extend a popular video summarization dataset by 1) more egocentric videos, 2) dense user annotations, and 3) a refined evaluation scheme. We conduct extensive experiments on this dataset (about 60 hours of videos in total) and compare our approach to several competitive baselines