Research Interests

Deep Learning
Computer Vision


EE BSc -- 2008 - 2013
CS PhD -- 2013 - Current


English -- Fluent
Persian -- Native


Internship (Summer 2018)

During summer 2018, I joined Sighthound Inc. to research on anomaly detection.

Internship (Summer 2017)

I joined Midea America Corp. research in San Jose, CA during summer as an intern. I had the opportunity to work with brilliant managers and interns to study the effect of camera resolution on the performance of deep action recognition frameworks. Our efforts were eventually published in WACV 2018 and is available here.

PhD (2013 - Present)

I started my PhD in Computer Science in Center for Research in Computer Vision, University of Central Florida in 2013. I have explored different areas such as Vehicle Detection and Tracking in oblique-viewComputational Photography (specifically, Light Field Cameras), and Autonomous UAV Navigation.

More recently, I have been working on applications of Machine Learning in Computer Vision. More specifically, I am interested in using Machine Learning techniques for the purpose of Video Understanding such as video summarization.

Teaching Experience

Aside from doing research, I have had the opportunity to teach Undergraduate students. I was a teaching associate for Computer Science II, that is a core course for undergraduates. I have taught topics such as DYNAMIC PROGRAMMINGBINARY SEARCH/AVL TREES, and etc. for four semesters at UCF. In addition, I mentored a very talented undergraduate student last summer who came to UCF through REU program, which resulted in our CVPR 2017 publication.

BSc (2008 - 2013)

I got my Electrical Engineering Bachelor's from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. My thesis Applications of Manifold Learning in Medical Image Registration played a key role in choosing Computer Science/Vision for PhD.